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Holistic sleep coaching for your child. Easy sleeping for you.


JOIN US LIVE...August 23, 2022 at 1 pm CT/2 pm ET as we talk about HOW TO GET YOUR CHILD SLEEPING 10-12 HOURS AT NIGHT, IN 3 DAYS, WITHOUT CIO OR FERBER.


Meet Your Sleep Experts


Hi, I'm Mica!

I am Michaella, also known as "Mica," the mama behind Rested Mama, Happy Baby Sleep Solutions.  As a proud mom of two, I experienced sleep deprivation at it's worst with my first child and felt it's impacts on my mental health my marriage, and my ability to be a good mom.   My struggle with sleep drove me to tirelessly find a way to bring me back the rest I needed so I could be the mom my child needed.  Since then, I have developed a sound approach to get rest and joy back into parenting.  Now, as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Expert, I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and tools to help families implement healthy, safe sleep and happy sleep habits that give the whole family sleep again..judgment-free, guilt-free, and EXHAUSTION-FREE.



Hi, I'm Chelsae!

I’m Chelsae, another mama behind Rested Mama, Happy baby. I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach, and former elementary and special education teacher. When I had my daughter, I quickly realized how lack of sleep for my family can be devastating and can really affect your mental health, parenting, and career.  Once we made sleep a priority, did our research, and sought help, we were all healthier and ready to take on each day with more clarity and patience! These very personal, experiences set me off on my sleep career journey! I did some soul searching, took a career leap, became a certified sleep coach and here we are, having helped countless families get consistent consolidated night sleep! I can't wait to share my passion with you!


"Mica, was so helpful and constantly checked in with us as we navigated his new sleeping habits and routine. She gave me the encouragement and support I needed to get through it! She also helped us with his naps and he’s definitely getting more rested sleep. I learned so much about wake times and how sleep is so vital for our son and all babies! My son is now 10 months old and he sleeps about 11-12 hours at night with little to no night wakings."



Thu from California

"Vincenzo is not the type of baby that would fall asleep in a bouncy chair or anywhere outside of a car seat during a car ride so this helped us tremendously. So often, parents hear “babies can sleep anywhere”, “if they’re tired enough they will fall asleep”, “let them cry”, “if you keep them awake longer they will sleep all night”, “you can skip a nap, they will be fine”, and so on. And that’s just not true. Not at all. In order for a baby to sleep WELL, that’s a learned skill. It’s up to the parents to teach them - and I never knew that. I am extremely thankful and will never forget how Chelsae helped us and how much she truly cares. Thank you Chelsae - you gave us everything! We will always appreciate you!."

Lauren M., Mother to a 5 Month-Old

Rested Mama, Happy Baby is more than a name. It’s a mantra. We believe both you and your baby deserve to get restful sleep every night so you can take on the day and the baby can grow. Our infant sleep training services are designed to transform the way your baby rests by teaching them to sleep independently, wean the night wakings, and learn all the healthy sleep habits they need to grow strong and healthy. 


We work with you through one-on-one coaching to learn effective and proven baby sleep training methods that deliver results. It’s time you got the full night’s sleep you deserve with Rested Mama, Happy Baby Sleep Solutions. 


Our goals at this age is education and a plan on how to lay healthy foundations to set up your baby for an independent sleeper from the start!

  • Learn all healthy sleep habits for long term rest
  • Protecting sleep for development
  • Begin practicing sleeping in space
  • Decease association of sleep props


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Our babies are undergowing a lot of change during this time including sleep marturity, which sometimes can mean a lot of sleep disruption.  

  • Learning how to sleep independently using our Association Fading Sleep Training Method
  • Wean the night wakings/feedings
  • Address early morning wakings
  • Lengthening naps
  • Remove sleep associations
  • Transition to their own crib
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Our children are going through so much more!  They are making large transitions during the day and also physically.  

  • Teach how to sleep independently
  • Eliminate early morning wake-ups
  • Teach healthy napping
  • Develop rewards system for good sleep habits
  • Transition into bed or room
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"Our lives have completely changed"

My husband and I can have dinner together, watch TV, get some chores done and get a full night's sleep. 

Thank you Mica for this program, but more importantly thank you for believing that my family deserved better sleep!



"It's been an absolute game-changer.  Thank you, Mica!"

Our baby has done amazing!  He's been sleeping until 6:15 am (after 3+ wake-ups a night). A full 12 hours.  I honestly can't believe it.  I'm so excited!  I feel so rested this morning!



" I feel like a new person and I can tell he's a different baby!"

Just wow...I can't believe after just 5 nights he went from waking every 2 hours to sleeping through the night.  I never thought we we were going to sleep again.

I can't thank you enough for your support and such extensive plans to make sure it was right for it. 




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