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Behind Rested Mama, Happy Baby is the story of two moms who, from the challenges of motherhood with their first born daughters realized how important it was for their mental health, motherhood, and relationships to find the balance of healthy sleep for their children.

"It's not just about sleep.  It's about feeling 'normal' again.  It's about enjoying motherhood.  It's about feeling adequate."

Hey, I'm Mica!

I'm Michaella, but you can call me Mica. I am one of the founders of Rested Mama, Happy Baby, but first and foremost I am a wife, mother, and a friend.  My two kiddos are my everything (with my husband, of course), but the sleep deprivation was real! I saw how it impacted my mental health my marriage, and my ability to be the best mom I could.   

When I had my daughter, I read all the books.  I felt like I was "prepared."  I could have easily identified as the "corporate" mom who was prepared to "have it all."  I was going to thrive at my career, be present for my child, and still be an understanding wife.  

It all came crashing down to my new reality when my daughter wouldn't sleep.  Naps took an hour of rocking, to only get 30 mins of naps.  Every night we were up every two hours.  I went back to work 6 weeks postpartum, only to find myself struggling to enjoy motherhood, let alone keep up with my job.   

I knew I had to do something so I could be the mom my daughter needed.  Things felt unsustainable, and even with a supportive husband who took "shifts" with me at night, there was only so much sleep deprivation he could handle. We had to find a way...and despite the conflicting opinions, our answer was sleep training.  

Years later, it's why I do what I do now.  I became a Pediatric Sleep Expert to give families a way out when things start to feel unsustainable, with the belief that we deserve the rest and we deserve to feel normal again.

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Hi there, I'm Chelsae!

I’m the other proud mama behind Rested Mama, Happy Baby. Previously, you could find me teaching elementary school & special education. But once I became a mom, I quickly realized how lack of sleep for my family can be devastating and can really affect your mental health, parenting, and career. 

When sleep wasn't going to plan, we decided to take action and make it a priority. We found the sleep support we needed, we were were shocked at how much healthier, patient, and lively we felt.

I knew the value of rest in the household, and couldn't keep it to myself. I've helped countless families get consistent sleep, and enjoy their parent journey. I can't wait to support you next!

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Mica has had extensive training in Newborn Care and Development.  Both in her training and education with the Child Postpartum Association, and her focus in her Med Tech corporate live in the NICU has contributed to the successful approach for newborns at Rested Mama, Happy Baby.


Chelsae, while also being a toddler mom, also has been educated as a Toddler Behavioral Specialist.  She specializes in education with children and their families to provide intervention and behavior modification counseling for a variety of issues that have all been a crucial part of our sleep training approach.


We both have two children which makes this type of work so passionately relevant.  We're able to empathetically work with families as they go through this time with exact experiences.

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