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You're just 3 days away from restful sleep...

For babies 12 weeks - 18 months

Gain all the tools you need, and join the thousands of families who have enjoyed more energy, freedom, and the restorative sleep you miss.


 Are you experiencing something like this?

Your nights feel unsustainable

Maybe you've been patting, rocking, feeding and co-sleeping, but it doesn't feel like anyone is getting better sleep.  

Naps are unpredictable and unproductive

Your've googled, you've searched, and you've posted on Mommy Groups and naps are making no improvement to your nights.  

You don't feel like yourself anymore

It's starting to feel like you spend your whole day thinking about how to get your child to sleep better.  

You're tired of the guessing game

You feel like you've read all the books and programs but you're tired guessing. 

 What If We Told You We Have a Sleep Training Approach that Changed Your Sleep in 3 Nights Without Having to Leave Your Child Alone?

Our Happy Infant Programs dive in step-by-step to coach families to better sleep using Association Fading Method™.  Our program has a 99% success rate with over 1000 families to get better sleep in 3 nights without having to leave your child in a room to cry without response.

Wouldn't it be better to...

  • Enjoy hot coffee instead of being BFFs with your microwave?
  • Have the energy to show up for everyone in your life?
  • Go out, knowing bedtime will be fine with the sitter?
  • Be productive - However that looks to you?
  • Enjoy¬†nights to yourself or Netflix with your spouse/partner?

And last but not least...

  • Feel good about the sleep training approach you have with the support of REAL EXPERTS with a UNIQUE APPROACH to your child that allows you to stay responsive?



"Mica is a gem! From the very first day, she showed compassion and competency around sleep training and was quick to help us identify our challenges and curated a plan specifically for us."


Thu + Chris S.


"My baby slept for THIRTEEN hours last night.  There are no words for the gratitude and relief I feel after almost 8 months of sleep deprivation and chaos.  Thank you Chelsae for working so closely with me to create a plan that would work for my unique situation and strong needs."

Danielle K



You will learn the 4 Steps to Successful Nights

Unlike the other sleep programs you've tried, our approach is the alternative to Ferber and Cry-it-out you've been looking for. Good sleep is more than nights. It's naps, it's activity, and it's routine. We don't believe in a one-sized-fits approach, which is why you'll be guided by a Pediatric Sleep Coach in each of our infant programs.

Create a Safe and Sleepy Environment

Personalized guidance for your home

  • Get recommendations from Safe Sleep Ambassadors.
  • How to set up your nursery to get your child to sleep faster
  • What to do for sleepy environments on-the-go.  

Align to Your Child's Natural Sleep

Implement a Magic Routine!

  • Develop a personalized nap schedule with ongoing nap audits
  • Routines that maximize sleep¬†¬†
  • Navigating those pesky early morning wakings

Implement Responsive Sleep Training

Learn our step-by-step approach to Association Fading.
Going to bed awake = A longer night's sleep

  • Create a feeding plan
  • How to wean middle of the night feedings
  • How to eliminate pacifier, co-sleeping, rocking, patting, etc... to sleep
  • Prepare for naps in the crib for night and naps

How to Maintain Lasting Sleep

Educate you on how to maintain sleep.

  • What to expect for the first 2 weeks
  • Set up for independent sleep success through regression and teething
  • Find how how and when change your child's nap schedule in the future



$279 USD


  • The sleep course you need for a responsive sleep training approach, with access to pediatric sleep experts!

    An incredible option with tons of support for your 3-18 month old.

    • 2-week step-by-step video¬†to help your child sleep through the night¬†
    • (2)¬†30-minute 1:1 calls with a certified pediatric sleep expert, so you always have someone to reach out to
    • 6 Months Access¬†to the Happy Infant Sleep Course



    HSA/FSA Reimbursable (U.S Only)




$429 USD


  • A group atmosphere, with a personalized approach. You‚Äôre not on your own here! You‚Äôll have all the support you need for great sleep, without the exclusive price tag.

    Great for the most individualized and custom help for your sleep journey.

  • 2-week Step-by-step video¬†to help your child sleep through the night
  • 30 days email or Facebook¬†support, so you always have someone to reach out to
  • Weekly¬†LIVE coaching calls¬†for 30 days to get answers to your questions in real time
  • Sleep Log Audit and assessment¬†to ensure your routines are working for you
  • Nursery Audit so your sleep environment is encouraging proper sleep
  • Free Sleep Community for LIFE

    HSA/FSA Reimbursable (U.S Only)

    Enjoy a one and done option of $429 or a 2 time option of $219



$697 USD


  • Partner up with one of our expert sleep coaches for support every step of the way. Benefit from a custom plan¬†for your sleep goals in mind, and all our expertise to find sleep success in 2 weeks through sleep training.

    A hot seller for the 3-18 month olds in the room.

  • 3 weeks¬†unlimited email or voice chat support through initial sleep training
  • Sleep routine assessment
  • 1:1 Phone Consult with an expert on our sleep team
  • Night 1 (1-hour) bedtime routine voice chat support
  • 2 follow-up calls
  • Sleep log assessments
  • Custom¬†Sleep Plan and¬†Schedule

    HSA/FSA Reimbursable (U.S Only)

    Enjoy a one and done option of $697 or a 2 time option of $375


Interested in 1:1?  Chat with us to review our custom personalized packages.

I'm Interested in 1:1

Life before program

  • Unpredictable naps
  • Endless googling "How to get baby sleep 10+ hours"
  • Limited time for yourself, for your spouse/partner

Life after program

  • Predictable naps where your child sleeps within 5-10 mins
  • Early bedtime for yourself and for your spouse
  • Confidence in your child's sleep with 10+ hours at night

Evidence-Based Strategy

Thoughtful research and evidence-based reasoning in developing our strategies.

Responsive Methods

Pro-bonding, AAP supported strategies that lay healthy sleep foundations.


Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, our methods and education aim to support all forms.

Trusted by Medical Professionals

Safe and medically trusted strategies and tools.


Listen to what our students are saying

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Essential Group Coaching

We're here to support your to success!  If you enroll in our Happy Infant Program - Essential Group Coaching and don't see any improvement in your sleep after completing the course and utilizing our support, we will give you your money back!

  • Proof of submission of all worksheets and homework as requested in the coaching program to the Rested Mama, Happy Baby Team
  • Proof that all course and content for guidance has been utilized or consumed, including, but not limited to watching all course modules for guidance.
  • Proof of submission of sleep log for audit
  • Attended a minimum of 3 coaching calls for troubleshooting or support
  • Utilized the Facebook Group or email for assistance
  • Proof of lack of results such as a sleep log or baby tracking screen shots
  • Proof and acknowledgment that all recommendations provided by the coaches have been implemented for at least 3 consecutive days

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