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S002E03 The most ABSURD Baby Sleep Hacks

Season #2

This episode goes over the most humorous baby sleep hacks where we break down exactly what, why, and if there is any truth to it. We're excited to have our friends at Cocomoon sponsor this episode! Coco Moon began with the simple idea for a Hawaii-inspired baby blanket that everyone in their family would love and connect with. Since then, itโ€™s evolved into so much more, becoming a vehicle through which they can connect with and support families in their local communities. Make sure to check out all of their SLEEP EXPERT-approved bamboo pajamas with 20% off using promo code: RESTED20.

In this eye-opening episode, we're diving headfirst into the peculiar world of baby sleep hacks that range from the mildly quirky to the downright absurd. Have you ever heard of the "Onion Socks" method or been tempted to flip your child like a pancake before bedtime in hopes of a full night's sleep? Or perhaps you've come across the old wives' tale that promises undisturbed slumber with just a sip of cherry tart juice. Join us as we separate fact from fiction with the help of sleep experts and pediatricians. We'll explore the origins of these myths, why they've gained traction among desperate parents, and what science has to say about their effectiveness.

More importantly, we'll provide you with evidence-based strategies for improving your baby's sleep that don't involve bizarre rituals or questionable ingredients. Whether you're a new parent navigating the challenges of bedtime or just in need of a good laugh, this episode is your guide to understanding what works when it comes to baby sleep.


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