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For families with children ages 11 weeks - 18 months

In this webinar, you'll discover:

Top Mistakes When Sleep Training

With the amount of information in Facebook Groups and the internet, it can make it really easy to fall into the common mistakes of sleep training.  Learn how to avoid these top mistakes!

The Types of Sleep Training

You mean Ferber and Cry-it-out isn't my only option?  Learn about the different types of approaches (along with ours) and how responsive sleep training can be just as effective!

How to Have a Successful First Night

What if we told you the secret ingredient to sleep training wasn't the actual sleep training method?  Learn the natural factors of sleep that has helped our families see results in 3 nights.

Yes! I want sleep tips!


This Webinar is for you if...

Your child is between 11 weeks to 18 months of age and you are struggling with sleep!  This could mean you are battling chronic short naps, sleepless nights, or struggling to get your child to sleep when it's actually time to sleep.

You've Googled it all and you're ready for some guidance. The different nap schedules and advice from family and friends is starting to melt together.  You are ready to figure out how to itch the cookie-cutter approach!

You're ready to make changes to your sleep routine because it's unsustainable! We know sleep training is not something everyone needs to do, but for our families, their routines have become so unsustainable that it's time to make a change.  If this is you, and you're looking for the truth around Cry-it-out Alternatives, this webinar is for you!

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I'm Chelsae! ❤

Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach | Child Behavioral Specialist | Co-Creator of Association Fading Method™

Previously, you could find me teaching elementary school & special education. But once I became a mom, I quickly realized how lack of sleep for my family can be devastating and can really affect your mental health, parenting, and career. 

I knew the value of rest in the household, and couldn't keep it to myself. I've helped countless families get consistent sleep, and enjoy their parent journey. I can't wait to share our 4 step framework we teach our families every day that has gotten them the rest they deserve.  See you there!

I'm Mica! ❤

Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach | Newborn and Postpartum Specialist | Co-Creator of Association Fading Method™

As a previous corporate working mom of two, sleep deprivation when my daughter was born rocked my world.  I found myself in an unsustainable position of yoga ball bouncing and contact naps that made it hard for me to recover postpartum.  It impacted my marriage, my career, and my ability to ENJOY motherhood.

After endless education and research, I became a certified Pediatric Sleep Coach.  Now, with experience with 1000+ families, I am so excited to share a little about how we created a successful sleep without having to leave your child in their room alone in just 3 days.

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