As a mother of 2, I have been there -the moment in what I call the "newborn fog" where I said, "I don't know if I can do this again."   The vicious cycle of motherhood guilt then had me thinking, "how dare you to think that?" causing a slew of emotions and exhaustion.  I was always a pretty "put together" person, and I felt too tired to keep myself together. 

I researched, and researched and found that maternal depression was impacted by infant sleep (and the lack thereof).  I knew things had to change, not just for my own sanity but for my child to have a happy mother again.   What I found was a plethora of tools and knowledge focused on restoring sleep, and more importantly, being a parent didn't mean that I had to accept exhaustion.    

After finding success at home, and other families, I found a passion in giving the gift of sleep back to families who need it, utilizing my education, research, and proven methods to help you be the Rested Mama you deserve and need to be.  

I am a certified baby sleep specialist, founder of Rested Mama, Happy Baby Sleep Solutions, and I can't wait to help you on this sleep journey!

A Word About Crying

Parents often ask if our philosophy requires their baby's to "cry-it out" or CIO, which is a sleep training method that allows a child to cry unregulated for an extended period of time.  This is not what we're about and we do not recommend the CIO method in our philosophy.   The methods we use are evidence-based, trusted by medical professionals, and also encourages bonding.  Tears are, however, always inevitable when there is change from routine, but our approach emphasizes responding to your child.  Rest assured, our goal is a HAPPY baby  - one who is rested and has the best opportunity to thrive in their leaps and development.


Get sleep back.  Download our Rested Mama, Happy Baby Healthy Sleep Guide to get you started.

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