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Parental exhaustion is OPTIONAL.'s not just optional, it's necessary for you and your family.  I work 1:1 with families to provide custom sleep plans and schedules that take into consideration their child's unique needs and temperament.  Schedule time with me to find out how, and get sleep back in your life.


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JD, 3-Month Old

I was so impressed with how much I learned in this process about sleep and about my family.  I couldn't believe in just 2 weeks after talking to Mica, he's happy, sleeping through the nights, and we're getting time back together again.  We're a changed family!

Courtney, 7-Month Old



I'm so rested!  I can't believe it's only been 1 week!  It was a game changer for our family!

Merrielle, 8-Month Old

During the 2 week program Mica was with us every step of the way!  ... Mica never missed a beat and had a great answer for every obstacle we faced.  I could hardly believe that on night 1, he fell asleep on his own and slept through the night. 


My programs aim to get you sleep again in just 2 weeks.

I want the best for families, and feel that the best approaches are custom to your family, evidenced based and medically strusted to ensure results.  

Custom Sleep Plans

Get the tools or the 1:1 help to get custom sleep plans for your family and your baby's age.

Gentle Methods

Pro-bonding, pro-snuggle strategies that lay healthy sleep foundations.

Evidence-Based Strategy

Thoughtful research and evidence based reasoning in developing our strategies.

Trusted by Medical Professionals

Safe and medically trusted strategies and tools.


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