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Give your toddler the gift of sleep

Our toddlers are a full of enegery breed who deserve the best sleep.  Learn all the methods to create a routine and bedtime where they will thrive, along with strategies to keep them in their room, sleeping in their beds...through the ENTIRE night.

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Help your toddler have a 10 hour+ night, in their room, on their own, and love bedtime again.


This is for you if:

  • You have a child who is 1.5-4 years of age
  • You want to ELIMINATE early morning wakings (before 5 am)
  • You want them to thrive in their independence by sleeping and STAYING in their own room and bed all night
  • You want your child to be able to FALL ASLEEP INDEPENDENTLY at naptime and bedtime
  • You want bedtime routines you can actually enjoy 
  • You want to see them enjoy a full night's sleep without any wakings

"Mica was great! She was very informative on toddler sleep behavior and her sleep plan really helped us help our toddler improve his independent sleep skills. We went in knowing that it was going to be a challenge, but understood that if we stick to it, it would be so good for our whole family to get more quality sleep. She was very supportive, encouraging, and helpful throughout our whole plan."

Therese + Warren from S. CA

Evidence-Based Strategy

Thoughtful research and evidence-based reasoning in developing our strategies.


Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, our methods and education aim to support all forms.

Trusted by Medical Professionals

Safe and medically trusted strategies and tools.

The Recipe for Toddler Sleep

Developing great sleep habits for a toddler is slightly different than working with an infant.  It must incorporate nutrition, waketimes, routines, and a solid reward system.  So what will my program include?

  • Managing successful naps
  • Incorporating great routines
  • Develop a 16-day strategy to keep your toddler, in their bed, all night, for the night!

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"We saw success in just the first week.  It was more than a sleep plan, it brought a little order back to our home at night and our child is now sleeping through the night, in his own room, independently.  We're getting rest and the time we need for the first time in 4 years."





What's Included:

  • Get access to book directly with me to discuss your sleep issues.
  • Follow-up action list of tips for your sleep concerns
  • Direct, customized answers to your sleep situation.



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What's Included:

  • Access to 7-day group coaching event
  • Great for families looking to implement solid routines that promote better sleep for day and night
  • Informational daily modules
  • (3) live Q&A Sessions to discuss and review the content
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for exclusive lives and 1:1 help.
  • Guided Worksheets 
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What's Included:

  • Full sleep routine assessment & nursery safety evaluation
  • (2) 45-60 min 1:1 Phone Consult
  • (1) 10-15 min Follow-up calls
  • Personalized, custom Sleep Plan and Assessment Report
  • FREE Customized Schedule 
  • 30 Days of UNLIMITED e-mail support during your plan ($250 VALUE)


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