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Challenging you to better sleep in 7 days

Our 7-day group challenge spills all the secrets of good sleep and how to get it.  This group coaching program will span for infants ages 3-19 months.

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Better Naps, Better Nights

Get an exclusive sneak peak to my first module and all the things you will learn in my Group Challenge.

Are you navigating through any of these sleep struggles?

  • Dropping middle-of-the-night feeds or wakings
  • Transitioning from co-sleeping or room sharing to your child's own sleep space
  • Improving short or unpredictable naps
  • Independent sleep for naps or nights or alkl of the above?
  • Random wakings (false starts) shortly after your child goes to sleep
  • Troubleshoot early morning wakings

...or all of the above?  If you're ready to dive in and get better sleep in 7 days to understand how to build a solid foundation of good sleep with the guidance of a sleep coach, then this is your program.

June 13th: 7-Day Sleep Challenge

The next challenge starts in...









All parents navigating through the pressures of a new child can feel completely exhausted and overwhelmed with information.  Maybe you're just about at your threshold for lack of sleep or you have sleep right now but you just want a small change to get you and your child on a better track to sleep.

This group coaching program will be filled with everything you need to start applying good sleep habits immediately.  

If you are struggling with naps, developing the right schedule that allows your child to thrive, or looking to decrease night wakings, this group coaching program will give you all the tools you need in just 7 days.

Maybe you are looking for more than just your average course, but you aren't really in need of 1:1 coaching...this is just what you were looking for.

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"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for EVERYTHING. This Rested Mama Course has already made a world of difference in our home and has taken away a lot of those uncertainties for me personally. We had an amazing night last night, and I know it’s just the beginning of many many more. I feel so much more prepared when handling things regarding my little one’s sleep and it’s all thanks to you! 10/10 I will recommend you to anyone I know that is pregnant or has a baby that needs sleep skills. You truly have a gift for this Mica and it’s so amazing that you are sharing it with other mamas. Thank you so very much!"

Aryss from S. CA
(Mom, 8-month old son)

"It's been somewhat life changing.  I wanted more kids but I couldn't get the sleep right. Thank you!!"

(Mom, 8-month old daughter)

"This has been seriously amazing.  She had 2 long naps today and fell asleep at bedtime in 5 mins!"

Jess from Vancouver
(Mom, 3-month old daughter)

Daily Videos & Modules

On the first day of the challenge, you will have access to daily videos, each meant to build on very specific foundations of good sleep.  You can watch these at any time that day, along with worksheets and guides you'll be asked to fill out to help you build your unique sleep plan.  daily modules and guides will cover the following topics:

  • DAY 1: The Recipe for Good Sleep and Creating a Magic Routine: Nap schedules, Sleep-inducing Routines, and the Art of Waketimes
  • DAY 2: How to Maximize your Nights: Sleep Training, Methods for Weaning middle of the night feedings
  • DAY 3: We Sleep Train Together!
  • DAY 4: How to manage nap training and early Morning Wake-ups: Managing good morning!
  • DAY 5: SLEEP LOG AUDIT TIME by Mica and Chelsae
  • DAY 6-7: Navigating through transitions and changes

Live, Dedicated Support

Throughout the week, you will be added to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, collaborate, and engage with other families as well as US, your Pediatric Sleep Experts.

During this week, we will be hosting various private, live Q&A sessions to answer and discuss specific questions you have from the lessons.

At the end of the week, you should have a full plan, unique to your child that you can implement immediately for better sleep!


I've Been Featured In

Evidence-Based Strategy

Thoughtful research and evidence-based reasoning in developing our strategies.

Responsive Methods

Pro-bonding, AAP supported strategies that lay healthy sleep foundations.


Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, our methods and education aim to support all forms.

Trusted by Medical Professionals

Safe and medically trusted strategies and tools.

You want to give your child the gift of sleep.


This is for you if:

  • You have a child who is 3-19 months of age
  • This is for my parents who want to get sleep fast and okay to work in a group setting!
  • You feel like you are ALMOST there, but want to work on ensuring you have all the aspects of good sleep.
  • You struggle with fights at bedtime, short naps, and multiple night wakings.
  • You want to choose your own options for sleep coaching, but you want better nights.
  • You have sleep trained, but you want to work on specific areas of the day or night.
  • You are looking to set good foundations.


""Mica, thank you so much for this awesome program!  We finally have a better handle on our day, and finally getting more sleep!"

- Heather, mom of 12-month old

"Mica, thank you for this course! I am so glad we did it! Not only have we weaned off of formula, we have also had 3 mornings in a row of sleep close to 6am. This morning he woke at 7am. Those extra hours in the morning are an absolute blessing! It has been so worth it for both us and him to get those extra hours of sleep! Thank you thank you! Sometimes even a professional needs to call in the big guns! You are stellar!"


- Tara, mom of 6-month old and 2 year old




What's Included:

  • Ages: 3 months - 19 months
  • Access to 7-day group coaching event
  • Great for families looking to implement solid routines that promote better sleep for day and night
  • Informational daily modules
  • (3) live Q&A Sessions to discuss and review the content
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for exclusive lives and 1:1 help.
  • Guided Worksheets 
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